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Easingwold Town Council Update

Please see below a short summary of the latest news from the Town Council following the various meetings and discussions that have taken place in May and June.

At the May Council meeting Cllr Peter Nottage was re-elected as Chairman of the Council and Town Mayor. Cllr Clive Barnes was re-elected as Vice-Chairman.

Millfields Park

The circular wheelchair/pushchair path around and through Millfields woodland has been completed. In recognition of the extraordinary amount of work put in by Chris Jackson the path will be known as “Jacko’s Way”. We have agreed to extend the path a little to create a link to the Claypenny estate via the Penny lane entrance. Work has also been completed on upgrading the existing horseshoe path around the recreational area. Quotes are being sourced for a gate at the North Meadow entrance from Millfield Lane to prevent unauthorised vehicle access but allow pedestrian access.

We have given permission for a sponsored “toddle” for under 5’s on the 28th June making use of the new path to raise funds for Barnardo’s, the Children’s Charity.

We have also started work on providing a separate bridleway linking Millfield Lane to the Claypenny Estate via the Penny Lane entrance. This will provide safer access to Oulston Road for riders without the need for them (some of whom are quite young) from having to ride down Millfield Lane and up Church Hill and Uppleby. The Millfield Lane entrance will be located adjacent to the North Meadow footpath entrance and the bridleway will run separate from, but parallel to, the new footpath. This will keep riders and walkers safely apart and avoid damage to the new path from usage by horses.

A wildflower border has been planted by TCV on the South Meadow adjacent to the tarmac footpath/cycleway.

The boardwalk and pond-dipping platform in the Wetland have been completed and a sign and life buoy have been ordered. Quotes are being arranged for an access gate to the Wetland area from Millfield Lane so that equipment can access the area to carry out essential wildlife management in line with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust plan (e.g. remove bulrushes from ponds and dyke and dredge as appropriate). We plan to put an interpretation panel in place next year once we are clear which flora and fauna are established in the pond area.

Work has started on trying to raise the levels and associated drainage of the area behind the car park at the entrance to Millfields Park. Ideally, we would like to locate both the friendship garden and the dog exercise area in this location if the levels and drainage can be resolved.

We hope to start work soon on designing the bike track and associated landscaping on the South Meadow. The proposal is to provide a section designed for young inexperienced riders plus a separate more challenging section. We will ensure that the design fits into the landscape to both provide entertainment/exercise and visual amenity with clever construction plus landscaping and planting.

We have agreed to commission Yorkshire Water to carry out a feasibility study into installing a drinking water fountain(s) in Millfields Park.
We have agreed to remove the very tarnished and unsightly litterbin opposite the skate park and to install some additional bin(s) in strategic places along the new path.

We have arranged a further meeting of the Millfields Vision Working Group on 2nd July where we will review progress on all the items mentioned and, in particular, consider the jogging track lighting designs and the related public consultation arrangements.

We have obtained a expert report on the standard of the work carried out on the Willow Tree in Rowan Walk and are obtaining quotes for necessary remedial work. We have sent the report to the contractor who carried out the work to ask for their comments.

Permission has been given for an orienteering event to take place at Millfields Park on the 6th July.

The Weekly Park Runs (9-10am) have started at Millfields.

Other Items

We are sourcing quotes to carry out a refurbishment of the ladies and disabled toilets in the Market Place.

We have raised concerns with NYCC about cars parking on the greens on Long Street. We are sourcing quotes to refurbish the bandstand in the Memorial Park.

Work will start soon on painting the fences on Spring Street and Long Street.

We are working with NYCC and HDC to commission a parking survey aimed at identifying options for improving short-term parking opportunities in the Market Place. We have no plans to introduce any charges and will consult the public on any proposals.

We are consulting NYCC and HDC about improving signage that directs people to existing car parks in the Town.

We are working on proposals to complete a flat footpath using York Stone through and around the Market Place. We have carried out initial consultations with HDC, The Forest of Galtres Society and local residents and businesses on our plans.

We are commissioning NYCC to evaluate three stretches of road to see if it would be appropriate to install Vehicle Activated Speed signs to help address speeding issues. The areas are: Stillington Road on the 30mph section; York Road near the school; and Thirsk Road near the Primary School.

We have been working with HDC’s Vibrant Market Town Team and the Easingwold Business Forum on a range of initiatives including: Improved eye-catching town signage on the A19 and Long Street; planting of the roundabouts with wildflowers and a re-run of the Easingwold in Lights Christmas lights and window display competitions.

Funding has been provided to COZIE so that they can stay open during the summer holidays as well as provide support for a day trip to Scarborough.
Permission and support has been provided to the annual Rockin All Over the Wold festival on the 13th July.

For more information please contact the Clerk on or tel 01347 822422