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February 2020 update


Welcome to the latest news from Easingwold Town Council.

  • The access gate to the Millfields Wetland from Millfields Lane has been installed and work on clearing the bulrushes from the ponds and dykes has been completed.
  • Five water-loving trees will be planted alongside the wettest parts of Jacko’s Way in the North Meadow to help keep it dry.  We will also be planting a Horse Chestnut tree to replace the diseased tree adjacent to the drainage ditch.
  • The access gate to the North Meadow from Millfields Lane has been installed and signage relating to the separate permissive route for horse riders linking Millfields Lane to the Claypenny estate has been put in place.
  • A lifebuoy has been installed at the Millfields pond-dipping platform.
  • We have agreed to install a large notice board near the Millfields car park.
  • The Park Run continues to go from strength to strength and we have agreed to an extension and widening of the existing stone horseshoe path so that the entire route can be on a firm surface.  This will improve accessibility for participants and avoid damage to the grass.
  • A storage container has been installed amongst the trees adjacent to the Millfields Car Park.  This provides essential storage of both Town Council and Easingwold Green Spaces Group equipment.  When the trees come into leaf we expect this to blend further into the background.
  • Following the success of the Motorcycle Toy Run permission has been granted to hold the Motorbike Egg Run on 5 April (Palm Sunday).
  • We are helping to fund two publicly available Defibrillators to be installed outside at the following locations: Howells Veterinary Service on York Road and Easingwold Primary School Thirsk Road. 
  • We have purchased two Vehicle Activate Speed Signs (VAS) and will be using them to remind drivers of the speed limits.  They are currently monitoring traffic either side of the secondary school on York Road.  We will review their effectives on improving driver behaviour and, if necessary, pass the data they capture on to the police who may wish to take enforcement action in this area of the road.  We will be moving them to other locations around the Town on a rotational basis (e.g. Stillington Road and Thirsk Road).
  • Work is progressing on the project to construct new, and repair existing, footpaths across the cobbles in the Town Centre to ensure there is good accessibility all around this area.  Detailed construction plans have been drawn up and we will be carrying out appropriate consultations soon.
  • A contract has been awarded for the upgrade of the Ladies toilet and we hope that work will start shortly.
  • A contract has been awarded for upgrading the Bandstand in the Memorial Park and work should start in March.
  • We have agreed to a three-month trial of holding the local Farmers Market on the last Friday of the month.  This will be in addition to the normal weekly Friday Market and the existing monthly Saturday Artisan Market.
  • We have agreed to form a Market Town Team with representatives of Easingwold’s Wold Class Business Forum and Hambleton District Council to co-operate and coordinate over activities to promote and support Easingwold as a Vibrant Market Town.
  • We have carried out a survey of all the public benches around the town so that we can implement a programme of repair and replacement as appropriate.  If you notice any damaged benches please report them to the Clerk.
  • Proposals to improve the recreational facilities at Chase Garth open space were approved.
  • We have agreed to carry out our annual Great British Spring Clean of Easingwold on Saturday 4th April 12-2pm.  If you would like to help please contact the Clerk.
  • A Climate Change Action Group has been established to identify practical actions/polices that the Town Council can take/support to help address this issue.

For more information please visit or contact the Clerk on or tel 01347 822422

Easingwold Town Council